Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

We provide full cycle of services: design development, print and installation.
Eco-friendly and fully eco-based lightboxes are effective tools to deliver your message!

What do you get while using OOH ads

  • Low cost per 1000 impressions
  • Total market reach: complete market coverage
  • Target locations: connect your business location with target audience that is passing by
  • 24/7 reach of the target audience: they can see OOH during morning, day and night time. It cannot be turned off
  • Immediate brand awareness: reach a captive audience with your message
For more information please contact us: +357 70 071 001

Online Marketing Services

Catch your target audience in the internet. Suggest them a sharp catchy message and get the lead. We can we help you reach more people on internet!

Online banners

Development of artwork and placement on the popular Cyprus online portal for the Russian speaking community.
More about RuCy portal
RuCy is an information website for the Russian speaking Community of Cyprus.
Since 2014 RuCy has filled the niche of online business - directories in Cyprus.

Our website provides an up-to-date information about:

  • Existing businesses & advertorials
  • Daily local & world news
  • Places to visit in Cyprus
  • Things to do in Cyprus
  • Helpful information about Cyprus
50000+ visitors per month
For more information call us at: +357 70 071 001

Social Media

People spend at least 1 hour daily on Social Media. A perfect opportunity to promote your business. Do it with the correct content and strategy and increase your sales or awareness. We can help with both. We may also provide you with Facebook Management for your official business Page.In addition to that, we have our own Facebook page with 10K followers from the local Russian Community – so you are welcome to advertise your services there.

Google & Yandex PPC Campaigns

We offer you promotion through Google AdWords and Yandex Direct campaigns.


Tell to the Russian speaking community everything about your company, reveal your business and promote its advantages.

Newsletters (e-mail campaigns)

Reach numerous people from within our database – We contact them on your behalf with the right message.

Offline Marketing Services